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11 x 17 Blue Poly SHP 3 inch Crane Binder


11 x 17 BINDER
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11X17BINDER  website is supportive of the popular ISO standard for North American paper sizes engineering drawing papers. Unique 11 x 17 ring binders starting at just 7.99 each. We are a manufacturer that listens to the end users specific needs for 11 x 17 document protection. Thus over 100 types, sizes of large binders have been developed. Durable hard cover binders. Far, far beyond the store bought types supplied by Big Box warehouse stores (e.g. Office Depot).

The U.S., Canada and Mexico use a different system of paper sizes compared to the rest of the world. The current standard sizes are unique to that continent, although due to the size of the North American market and proliferation of both software and printing hardware from the region, other parts of the world have become increasingly familiar with these sizes.

Paper has a grain and most industry standards express the grain LAST when giving dimension (that is, 17x11 inches is short grain paper an 11 x 17 inches is long grain paper). Grain is important because paper will crack if folded across the grain.

Today's HOME for 11x17 paper, binders and accessories is Crane Binder Technologies located 9400 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63126. ORDER TODAY! Centrally located to serve all North America. Welcome Canada and Mexico.

11 x 17 paper is commonly called “Size B”  as to engineering drawings. This size paper is also known as “tabloid” and “B” size paper. Also called “ledger”  paper.. The paper sizes affect writing paper, stationery, cards, and  some printed documents . Standards also have related sizes for envelopes.

In regions that use the U.S. "Letter" paper format (8.5" x 11" or 216×279 mm; United States, Canada, and in part Mexico and the Philippines), a three-hole standard is widely used. The holes are positioned symmetrically, with the centres 108 mm (4-1/4 in) apart.

Half Inch Round Ring Poly binder

A  LITTLE HISTORY: Stocking of the 11 x 17 binder Hard cover Swing Hinge Prong binder began when McBee Binder salesman  John Davis  requested that the Springfield Mo manufacturing plant  exclusively stock the Swing Hinge binder for  AT&T’s  ESS  program. The  first Electronic Switching System  for the Bell Companies was installed in southern California (1960s)  and John was a noted salesperson in the McBee Los Angeles office..

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Poly round ring,  Poly  “D” ring,  Hard Book Cover, Swing hinge SHP, Expandable Post Binder. Free hole Paper, Polypropylene Sheet Protectors