11 x 17 MOAP BINDER

11x17 MOAP Binder










Premier grade polyethylene heavy duty poly engineering ring binder. SHP Swing Hinge is direct clone of McBee Swing Hinge. NO FAIL Hybrid Rings. Decidedly different from Round Ring and D Ring binders. You will never lose important engineering drawings  due to 3 ring failures Crane Binder will replace defective Swing Hinge 3 ring in old McBee binders even if decades old. Extremely Rare. No Charge, User pays freight charges.       

See  video at YOUTUBE. “McBee Swing hinge Repair”

This web page presents the Three Inch Poly 11 x 17 engineering ring binder. Spine is almost 4 inches wide and a filled 11 x 17 binder is quite heavy. Blue 110 Ga Poly. 3 Inch Capacity MOAP Binder. Try to make the 2 inch model work for your pipeline application. Lighter weight and and lower cost. MOAP, MOP and FDP.

P.N.  SHP1117-3P

List is  110.32 ea       discounted to 78.80 Ea  and lower      ADD TO CART

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Many utility engineering clients state they are purchasing 11x 17 binders in an effort to be in compliance with increasing legislation . Documents 11 x 17 may be a half size format from original 22x34 drawings.

11 x 17 Drawings are walkable, An inspector may routinely walk a grid and annotate the date and name of inspector. Paper documents may prove vital when Compliance issues arise  Crane  11 x 17 3 hole reinforced paper is archival with 4,000 Year expectations.

If you are a process industry expecting more regulatory scrutiny. Crane Binder will provide one (1) 11 x 17 Hardboard Clipboard free. You should  note “ Free Clipboard”  on your order document, e mail.

One client purchased a large  petroleum  process  plant. Years after the purchase there was a tragic accident..It was determined that one key component  had no   supportive  documentation  for  25 years.

Compliance of increased Federal , State regulatory  agencies  is a fact of  life.  Maintain the infrastructure, protect  lives. Engineering and Operating personnel.

We provide the 11 x 17 SHP Poly hybrid 3 ring binder,  11 x 17 Index tabs sets, 11 x 17 Inspection Clipboards and Reinforced 11 x 17 paper.