11 x 17 PAPER

11x17 Reinforced Paper















Incredible Reinforced Paper© Ream.  11x17 paper for inkjet, laser and high speed 11x17 printers that are 99.9% jam free.  11x17 paper used for engineering drawings with a great contrast to easily read. You probably already know that large capacity round ring and angle D ring binders can damage the very documents that they are supposed to protect. INCREDIBLE©, reinforced 11x17 paper minimizes paper tear out by reinforcing each 11x17 sheet of your drawings set. The INCREDIBLE©part is that the reinforcing plastic strip has been roller embossed into the 11x17 paper to the extent that it does not bulk up. Works well with all 11x17 printing methods. Request a free sample to test. Three large holes drilled on 11" side, white 96 brightness, 24lb, 500 sheets or one ream.

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